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  1. Venez me waxer le chest que j'porte un V-Neck, ca presse. ( C'EST PAUL )
  2. J'me souviens même pas d'toi. C'est bad.
  3. Les V-Neck tu m'caliss ca aux vidanges s'te plait.
  4. Ben merci. Pis bravo de connaitre 20 des facts que j'ai donné. Vraiment.
  5. C'était Mart de Idiot Fortier, exact.
  6. Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer le bonus pool ? J'ai regardé sur le net un peut mais tout le monde en savait très peut sur ca... Pour ma part je vous laisses ca ici, c'est des choses que certain d'entre vous ne savait peut être pas ou juste des trucs vraiment pratique. Did you know that... ...a sentry's Guardian Shield ability stacks with the Immortal's Hardened Shield; causing all attacks against them to be reduced to a maximum of 8 damage? ...false Immortals made with Hallucination still have Hardened Shields? ...Hallucination units can be used to grant vision for Blink and other fun abilities? ...a burrowed zerg unit can prevent a building from being placed in that location (particularly fun if you drop a zergling or a roach at someone's natural expansion). ...Phoenix can Graviton Beam an SCV that is currently constructing a building to freeze the building's construction. ...the Broodlings created by Broodlords can be upgraded for better melee damage and armor at the Evolution Chamber. ...Psi Storm deals exactly the same damage to flying units. (Paul - Thanks for the correction!) ...Damage spells such as Psi Storm or Yamato Cannon completely bypasses the Immortal's Hardened Shield. ...a burrowed baneling can have it's unburrow ability smart-cast to pop up when an enemy draws near, allowing it to function like a landmine. (MATRIX) ...a baneling can be detonated while burrowed for full damage. (MATRIX) ...Creep Tumor's construction can be canceled, allowing you to replace it in a new spot. (Checkmate) ...Chrono Boost can affect both a Hive's normal larva production and a Queen's Spawn Larva ability. (Checkmate) ...Contaminate will prevent a building from landing or lifting off. (Checkmate) ...a Ghost's EMP will drain all the energy from a Command Center or Nexus. (Checkmate) ...Banelings are not light units. (Checkmate) ...You can build Creep Tumors on an enemy Zerg player's creep. (Checkmate) ...You can use another player's Tech Labs and Reactors by attaching your buildings to it. (Checkmate and Ramenth) ...Colossus can be carried by Warp Prisms. (Starsrift) ...MULES can be used to trigger location-based quest objectives in single-player missions. (Minda) ...If you set a building's rally point as a unit, new units will follow that unit until given a different command. (Minda) ...If you use the move command to order an SCV to follow a specific unit, it will follow it, and repair it automatically. (Minda) ...Warp Gates are automatically hotkeyed to W. (Executor) ...Medivacs can carry Vikings. (GenericName) ...Units can not activate a Xel'naga watch tower while burrowed. (seanconnery) ...Spells like Fungal Growth and Psi Storm can wipe out Larvae in a single cast. (Dumpstercake / River) ...Banelings with a speed upgrade are as fast as the Hellion when on creep. (Checkmate) ...MULES or Infested Terran Eggs can be dropped to cause siege tanks to splash their own infantry. (Ninja / DaeSMachA) ...Changelings ordered to follow an enemy unit will better blend in with a moving army. (Checkmate) ...Changelings can be used to block melee unit's pathing, because hostile units will not automatically target the disguised Changelings. (Checkmate) ...MULES can be called down to do field repairs on damaged units and vehicles. (Checkmate) ...You can cancel a hatchery mid construction to quickly create a small patch of creep at a cost of 75 minerals. (Checkmate) ...Unloading a Medivac full of Marauders on top of a squad of banelings is a good way to force a premature detonation with minimal loss of life. (Checkmate) ...You can shift-queue multiple overlords to drop off units while moving simultaneously. (Checkmate) ...You can never have more than 19 larvae at a single zerg Hatchery. (Checkmate) ...Two burrowed banelings with Destroy Buildings and Unborrow both set to autocast can instantly destroy a hatchery as it is being morphed in at an expansion, as well as kill the drone morphing it. (Checkmate) ...MULES ignore mineral node saturation. (GenericName) ...EMP can force permanently cloaked units out of cloaking for a short time. (GenericName) ...Photon Cannons have a greater range than a Planetary Fortress. (GenericName) ...Auto-turrets from the Raven benefit from the Building Armor upgrade. (Checkmate) ...flying units can be used to trigger a burrowed zerg unit with unburrow set for Auto-Cast. (Jimmy) ...the Raven's Hunter Seeker Missile can target one of your cloaked units, allowing you to make kamakazi runs with cloaked ghosts or banshees. (Checkmate) ...Corrupters can cast Corruption on ground units. (Minda) ...You can EMP a Point Defense Drone to set it's energy to 0 and remove it's ability to block your shots. (Chirality / Paul) ...You can kill cloaked units by manually detonating Banelings, even without a detector. (Oboeman) ...You can Neural Parasite an enemy Queen and have her to make creep tumors to allow you vision on the enemy hatchery. (Sweetness) ...Hunter Seeker Missile's splash damage hits both air and ground units, regardless of target. (Checkmate) ...Hunter Seeker Missile can be dodged with Blink. (Checkmate) ...Burrowed Roaches and Infesters can move under force fields. (Checkmate) ...Hallucinations can be used to effectively destroy enemy banelings. (Checkmate) ...Hallucinatory Phoenix can chew through a Point Defense Drone's energy very quickly. (Checkmate) ...Void Rays retain their charge during a mass recall. (Checkmate) ...You can pick up Larva and Zerg eggs with Graviton Beam. (River) ...Flying buildings can be used to grant your units vision of the high ground. (koko) ...You can share control of your units in Cooperative games. (koko) ...Workers generally are more effective offensively if you simply attack-move with them. (koko) ...If you repeatedly Neural Parasite an SCV, you can eventually get it to build you a full Terran Command Center. (Autoturrets) ...Fungal Growth can temporarily reveal cloaked units. (Hybrid) ...Banelings are quite effective at killing enemy larva. (NEO)
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