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The Psychology of Dictatorship

The Psychology of Dictatorship

Hari Seldon

In 1939, Carl Jung met Hitler and Mussolini in Berlin and observed their interactions. Hitler never laughed, and it appeared as if Hitler was sulking and in a bad mood. By contrast, Mussolini apparently came off to Jung as an “original man,” who had “warmth and energy.”

Further comparisons among the dictators revealed that Kim Jong-il had more in common with Saddam Hussein than with Hitler


Where in the U.S. should you live? Graphic shows which state matches your personality


Utah was found to be the the most agreeable place in the country with Washington, D.C., the least.

And Utah was also determined to be the least neurotic place in the U.S., while West Virginia was found to be the most.

If you live in Wisconsin you're likely to be an extrovert while but if you live in chilly Vermont, you're more likely to keep things to yourself.

Hard-working South Carolina came top for conscientiousness, while it appears the people of Maine take a more relaxed attitude.

Washington DC, was found to be the most open place - despite also being the least agreeable - while North Dakota finished bottom for openness.

Professor Rentfrow told Time magazine: 'Political values may exaggerate the temperamental differences and a sense of tribalism may emerge.


Sarkozy – Hollande : le choc des personnalités


Le profil de François Hollande est celui d'un homme normal. Il n'aime pas dominer pour dominer. François Hollande présente un trait saillant, rare chez les dirigeants politiques : une forte aptitude à la coopération. Selon nos critères, les gens possédant un score élevé sur cet axe sont généralement considérés comme accommodants.

Extraverti, dominant et ambitieux, Nicolas Sarkozy peut être perçu comme un sujet dynamique, courageux et déterminé. Mais son agressivité, son hyperactivité et son sentiment de supériorité peuvent aussi provoquer un sentiment de rejet.

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