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I am the guy with two penises. AMA. (self.IAmA)


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Whats the best reaction from someone seeing your double dick?

hunky muscle dude at a gym i was at. i was working out in my jock strap and shorts and the shorts were very baggy and loose and i fell out of my jock on either side and some how he noticed. he asked me in the locker room if he could please see them. i asked him "are you gay or something?" and he said "no, but i think i am now." it was great.

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Diphallia, or one mammal having two penises, is a recognized medical condition that occurs in 1 in 5.5 million births. That translates to about 600 or 700 guys on planet earth sporting a pair, of which about 100 have been reported in the medical literature.

A scientific paper of triphallia (3 penises) in a marine snail was reported

Dans la forme la plus commune de diphallia, un des deux organes est rudimentaire, mais il existe des cas rarissimes où le patient a deux organes totalement fonctionnels. La diphallia est connue depuis le xviie siècle, la première description en a été faite en 1609.


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'' Man With 2 Penises, Woman With 2 Vaginas Were the Sexiest Couple of the 19th Century ''

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