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Convertisseur .flac en .mp3

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Je désire me créer des CD audio pour mon véhicule et je n'ai que du .flac sur mon PC.

Connaissez-vous un software free qui fait la job ? Google me propose que du paysoftware sur les 15 tentatives que j'ai essayé.


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Surtout ne me remercie pas avec un petit vert. Écris un petit comment sur mon bloy plutôt !

dBpoweramp & Batch Conversion


dBpoweramp is an essential tool for encoding your music to different formats.

When you install dBpoweramp, make sure to install the Multi Encoder (essential for this technique), FLAC, and mp3 (lame).

Preparing Your Files

First of all, make sure all the FLAC files are properly tagged. Otherwise, when you'll transcode all your FLAC releases, every transcode won't be tagged and you'll have to do the same thing but 5 times more than once. A good way to check if your files are tagged is by hovering them with your cursor and checking the informations displayed in the tooltip. Take a look at this trick in action:


So now that all your torrents are correctly tagged, make sure they are seperate in folders like this:

|FLAC Files

\o Gorillaz - White Flag [FLAC]

| - Track #1.flac

| - Track #2.flac

o Some other album [FLAC]

| - Track #1.flac

| - Track #2.flac

| - ...

o ...

You don't have to name your folders like I did. Just make sure all your files are together, dBpoweramp will do the rest of the job. Here's an example:


Batch Conversion

Now that you have all this, open dBpoweramp Batch Converter. In the tree view, find the folder containing your FLAC release folders, and check all the folders you want to transcode, like so:


Click on "Convert", select "Multi Encoder" in the drop-down menu, and remove any preset already there. Select "Add Encoder" and use settings like this:


Basically, this preset will encode every folder you previously selected to 320 kbps MP3, put them in "C:\Torrents\Your Transcodes\" (or whatever you defined in the settings) and rename them according to this: [album] [MP3-320]\[track] [title].

So basically, this will create something like this:

Name of the album [MP3-320]

|- 01 Trackname.mp3

|- 02 Trackname.mp3

|- ...

The reason why I don't put [artist] is because if you transcode an album with Various Artists in it, it will create multiple folders, and you'll need to merge them all together at the end (it takes ages, really).

Following are the other presets to produce untrumpable torrents. They are V0 MP3, V2 MP3, OGG -q8, and AAC 320, in that order. For AAC, you need to download the encoders from the Nero Website. Click on the red question mark in the settings dialog for more information.



In some cases enabling the Multi-CPU option will result in transcodes of only 30 seconds in length. If you experience this issue please leave Multi-CPU disabled.

And now, click on convert and go take a nap or grab some coffee. For a lot of FLACs, this could take a while.


After the converting process, you should have a folder looking similar to these:



There you go! Upload away!

C'est la dernière fois que je t'aide petite garce gouineuse mal élevé. Sorry

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