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10% de réduction sur le total du panier d'achat au PlayStation Store

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Le code promotionnel est seulement valide pour ce week-end, du 23 au 26 janvier:

PSN Members Get a 10% Discount on PS Store Starting Friday

Hi Everyone,

We hope your New Year is getting off to a great start! As promised, as a thank you to all of our PSN members, we are happy to announce the details of the 10 percent PlayStation Store discount.

The discount will be valid from 9:00 AM 1/23 PST through 9:00 AM PST 1/26. Simply use the promotion code for a one-time 10% discount off eligible items in a total cart purchase in PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or the web/mobile at Some exclusions do apply, including subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now and rental video content (update: game preorders are also excluded from this promotion, we apologize for the confusion). The code must be redeemed at checkout and discounted transaction completed before 1/26/15 at 9:00 AM.

Use the discount on hundreds of thousands of items including blockbuster new releases, award winning indie games, game add-ons and season passes, pre orders, and an enormous selection of TV and Movies to own. You can find the code on PlayStation Store and via @PlayStation.

Also, for those PS Plus members impacted by the PSN service interruption over the holidays, we have started to roll out the 5-day PS Plus membership extension, no action is required on your part. You will receive an email in the coming days with a confirmation of details about the extension.

Thanks again for your loyalty.

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Pourquoi ne pas mettre le rabais directement sur le fucking panier à la place de dissimuler un code sur le web au cas où quelqu'un ne serait pas au courant et paie le plein prix.

Euh, quand on rentre dans le PS Store, y'a une grosse maudite d'image avec le code et l'explication, donc ceux qui ratent ça sont carrément aveugles et méritent juste de perdre leur réduction s'ils ne voient pas ça.

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Sony veut te faire travailler pour ce 10%.

S'il y a des gens qui ont de la difficulté à taper un code de seulement 10 caractères, je crois qu'il y a un gros problème de lâcheté en dessous de ça...

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