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Quand vous tombez sur une belle photo sur le net ça devrait être un réflexe de venir la poster ici. Le genre de thread qu'à chaque photo posté on fait "Wow!", if you know what I mean.





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Les photos de Mc Notte sont très belles, mais j'ai passé 3 fois plus de temps à fixer la grosse chick.




Et dans la catégorie destin funèstre d'animaux:



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Ils ont d'avantage de place à avoir que la girafe. Mais nah en fait le printscreen de 4chan aurait pus être évité. Le Nighthawk de Banksy cependant à définitivement sa place ici.

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Pour me racheter au yeux de MC notte. Des photos du Johnson Treatment, la principale raison pourquoi durant les années 60 ils ont réussie à passer le Medicare aux États-Unis, alors qu'en 2009, ils sont incapable d'allez plus loin avec Obama.




Not only did he have the grief of a nation mourning the loss of their first handsome president on his shoulders, but his Great Society, a program seeking to advance social causes, racial equality, and a full-fledged war on poverty, was hopelessly sidelined by a minor disturbance in Southeast Asia that ballooned into the most divisive event in 20th century US history. To maintain stability, push through his progressive programs and desperately try and establish his place in the history books, he used what became known as "The Johnson Treatment"--a cocktail of charming persuasion, heavy-handed needling and, often times, downright intimidation. In the most extreme cases, it's reported the 36th president was not above dragging junior senators and staffers into bathroom stalls with him so that he might use the incredibly uncomfortable e xperience of facing the leader of the free world mid-bowel movement as further leverage in bringing them around to his way of thinking. There are also well-documented cases of Johnson whipping out his johnson to make a point.
In May of 1964, a minor secretary with a messy desk got a note from the President: "Get this desk cleaned up right away or else I'll come back tonight and do it myself." Johnson also upset aides with his habit of adjourning a conversation to the bathroom when the need arose. Those who were reluctant to follow him to the toilet were a source of great amusement to him. He frequently recounted a story about "one of the delicate Kennedyites who came into the bathroom with me and then found it utterly impossible to look at me while I sat there on the toilet. You'd think he had never seen those parts of the body before. For there he was, standing as far away from me as he possibly could, keeping his back toward me the whole time, trying to carry on a conversation. I could barely hear a word he said. I kept straining my ears and then finally I asked him to come a little closer to me. Then began the most ludicrous scene I had ever witnessed. Instead of simply turning around and walking over to me, he kept his face away from me and walked backward, one rickety step at a time. For a moment there I thought he was going to run right into me. It certainly made me wonder how that man had made it so far in the world."
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