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Ce sujet est entièrement dédié au merveilleux monde du jeu indépendant. Partagez vos découvertes de jeu indie ou flash fort intéressant. :)

J'ouvre le bal avec quelques jeux indépendants (non, je ne les ai pas tous joué! Mais j'ai tout downloadé et c'est les jeux qui me semble les plus intéressants):

10800 zombies (platformer shooter)'>


10800 zombies is a fast-paced run n' gun platformer that's based on Detoss Law. Blast your way through levels filled with zombies and weapons. You can carry two weapons at any time, with one carried on your back.

A Blurred Line (RPG)


"A Blurred Line" tells the story of Talan, who goes on the run after being framed for the murder of an important political figure. The game was originally intended to be part of a trilogy, "A Blurred Line", the "Line Narrows" and "Line's End".

A tale of Two Kingdoms (Adventure)


A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and Lucasarts graphical adventure games. Its features five different endings, several side quests and alternative solutions, teamwork with non-player characters, 75 minutes of high quality music, and director's commentary.

Action Doom 2:Urban Brawl (FPS Fighting)'>


Action DooM 2: Urban Brawl is a first-person shooter that is inspired by side-scrolling beat 'em ups like the classic arcade game Final Fight (Capcom, 1989). The player fights primarily with his fists and other melee weapons, like knives and bottles, although occasionally guns can also be found and used.

The gritty, noir story is told through black and white cutscenes that based on Frank Miller's Sin City series of comic books.

Akuji the Demon (Action Platformer)'>


You play Akuji, a cute little vampire hellbent on revenge - an annoying hero has kicked you out of your castle and taken over.

In play, akuji is a post-sotn castlevania, minus the frills.

Barkley Shut Up and Jam (RPG)'>


The Great B-Ball Purge of 2041, a day so painful to some that it is referred to only as the “B-Ballnacht”. Thousands upon thousands of the world’s greatest ballers were massacred in a swath of violence and sports bigotry as the game was outlawed worldwide. The reason: the Chaos Dunk, a jam so powerful its mere existence threatens the balance of chaos and order. Among the few ballers and fans that survived the basketball genocide was Charles Barkley, the man capable of performing the “Verboten Jam”...

Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden: Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa is a freeware RPG developed by Tales of Game's Studios, presented (unofficially) as a sequel to Barkley Shut Up and Jam!. It features traditional JRPG-styled battles and dungeons.

Bloody Zombies (Platformer)'>


Bloody Zombies is a gory game made for Gamma 256. Fight zombies with your lawn mower! Solve levels with your opponents blood!

It’s recommended to play the game with a Xbox 360 controller. But it’s also playable with keyboard and mouse.

Calamity Annie (Action)'>


Calamity Annie is a reflex game set in the Wild West. You play Annie, a mysterious gunslinger who's hunting 25 "bad hombres" for bounty. Keep your gun (controlled by the mouse) in your holster until you see "Draw!"

Cave Story (Action Platformer)'>


Cave Story (Dōkutsu Monogatari) is a freeware videogame released in 2004 for PC, designed and created over five years. The game is a traditional action-adventure game, reminiscent of the Castlevania and Metroid games. It has been fan-translated to English by Aeon Genesis.

Cedric and the Revolution (Adventure)'>


Cedric and the Revolution is a comical fantasy adventure featuring 13 locations. Cedric and Victor are two elves trying to start a demonstration to oppose the king's exorbitant taxes.

Crayon Physics (Puzzle)'>


A 7-day game where you can create physical objects by drawing them with crayons. The goal of the game is to move the red ball so that it collects the stars.

This game is the prototype for Crayon Physics Deluxe.

Egoboo (Action RPG)'>


Egoboo is a 3D open source dungeon crawling action role-playing game, which was created by Aaron and Ben Bishop but was eventually taken over by a small team known as the Egoboo Development Team.

Gravity Bone (FPS)'>


Gravity Bone is a 3d first-person espionage game that takes place in the seedy world of Nuevo Aires.

Grow Tower (puzzle)


Another installment of the popular Grow series of games. Pick items in the right order to grow the highest tower.

Hurrican (platformer, remake)'>


Hurrican is a platform shooter that is based on the classic Turrican series of games. It features 9 free-roaming levels and many new weapons and enemies. It also has a level editor for sharing and playing user-created levels. Graphics can also be customized.

Iffermoon (RPG);13869961;/fileinfo.html


The day the Iffermoon crashed, the world changed forever. Your name is Silence, a young creature adopted into the Kingdom of Dinost, an ancient land filled with life and mystery. The inhabitants there have been at war with a creature called Cosmose since the day he emerged from a mechanical menace called the Iffermoon. The Iffermoon's origins are shrouded in controversy, but it's said that it once brought life to the planet. After the crash however, that all changed. Now all of Dinost is in danger of not just being destroyed, but being reprogrammed.

In Iffermoon, you will explore your new world and meet many unique characters who will be willing to join your party and help you on your quest to defeat Cosmose. Customize your party into a formidable fighting team for real-time battles. There are also three complete games within this game, accessible through arcade machines, each with their own rewards to help you in your quest.

Legacy of Flan Rising (RPG)'>


Legacy of Flan 4: Flan Rising is a bizarre RPG that features a unique leveling system that lets you upgrade your party of four flans by collecting random drops during the battle. How often the drops appear and how good they are is determined entirely by your party’s “Loot Drop” stat, which is higher when you fight more difficult monsters (especially Boss Monsters), but can also be raised manually during battle by certain Flans. Each type of Flan has its strengths and weaknesses, of course, and finding the right combination is crucial.

Minotaur China Shop (Action Physics)


In Minotaur China Shop, you play a the titular Minotaur, who is now the proud owner of his very own china shop. You have 6 days to make as much money as possible, either by selling china to your customers, or by destroying your shop and collecting the insurance money. At the beginning of each day, you can buy various upgrades, both to your minotaur and to your shop.

Missing (Horror Adventure)


Missing is a horror adventure game about an ex-cop in search of his missing wife and son.

My First Skydiving Academy (Action)'>


Made for the TIGSource Video Game Name Generator Competition, MFSA puts you in control of one of the brave babies at Skydiving Academy. Featuring the theme music from Top Gun.

Powder (roguelike)'>


POWDER is a graphical roguelike that's inspired by Nethack but was originally designed to be played on the Gameboy Advance. Unlike most roguelikes it features a mouse-driven interface and an in-game tutorial. It's also fairly unique for not having diagonal movement.

Samurai Railroad Mansion (Action)


Reflex game created for TIGSource's Video Game Name Generator Competition. Master the bushido on your journey to the Railroad Mansion.

Streets of Rage remake (beat em up, fighting, remake)'>


Streets of Rage Remake lets you play as all the characters from all three Genesis Streets of Rage games, through all the levels… and it’s tied together in a brand new adventure. The game combines graphics from the original games with new artwork and effects (like reflections and shadows). The music consists of remade versions of the original soundtrack. There are also lots of new features like co-op with an AI partner, unlockable modes, a movie room, and player profiles.

Sunset Over Imdahl (RPG)'>


Sunset Over Imdahl is a non-battle RPG that takes place in a city under siege. You play as Lohn, a young boy who is the sole survivor of the siege. Wandering the streets in desperation, Lohn meets a nobly-dressed man who offers him a chance to bring his hometown back to life. Without knowing his intentions, Lohn accepts on the man's offer, and the game begins.

The Spirit Engine (Action RPG)'>


The Spirit Engine is a 2D, side-scrolling RPG with a simple story and a unique, real-time combat system.

Yumme Nikki (RPG)'>


In Yume Nikki (or “Dream Diary”), you play a young girl who can delve into a bizarre, and sometimes extremely frightening, dreamworld in order to collect “effects” that can alter her appearance in the dream. Some of the effects also have abilities that can be used there. At (almost) any time, our heroine can wake herself up and return to her small, spartan apartment, where she can write in her diary (save), or play a simple minigame on the television.

LE site que vous devez absolument connaitre:

Répertoire assez immense de jeux indépendant. Don la majorité sont gratuit pour downloader.

Autres sites similaires:

Et pour les jeux flash:

Si vous connaissez d'autres sites, genez vous pas pour partager aussi!

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Aaaw Cave Story, j'avais fait un thread dans l'ancien dep sur ce jeu pour démontrer l'epicnessitude qu'est ce jeu. C'est malheureusement le seul jeu que j'ai jouer dans ta liste avec Crayon physics.

Côté indie, on pourrait peut-être ajouter Audiosurf non? :P

Le jeu musicale où on peut jouer avec n'importe quel chanson de notre bibliothèque, le jeu l'analysera et en fera un niveau. Il y'a plusieurs modes de jeux que se soit à easy normal ou hard. Possibilité de comparer nos score sur internet et longivité garentie à la durée de vie de ce jeu. ^^ Les graphismes sont superbes (possibilité de customisé un peu) et c'est semblable à un trip d'acide.


Modifié par MrKill
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C'est ca. Ou des jeux de "garages" si on veut. Souvent fait par quelques personnes passionnés. Crayon Physics par exemple à été fait par un seul gars: Petri Purho. Je l'ai d'ailleurs vu 2 fois à Migs lors d'une conférence et d'une table ronde. Il est quand même symphatique.

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  • 1 mois plus tard...

Je ressors ce merveilleux sujet pour présenter 2 nouveaux jeux récemment sortit par Matt Thorson, développeur de Jumper, Flail et An Untitled Story.

Runman: Race Around The World


Runman est un jeu très joyeux et rapide où tu contrôles une étoile qui traverse des obstacles avec joie et bonheur! Contrairement à ses autres projets, Runman est beaucoup plus casual, car n'importe qui pourrait compléter le jeux, mais le plaisir et le challenge vient lorsque nous tentons de remporter des médailles. Les points ramassés sont basés sur la vitesse que tu parcours le niveau, si tu ne fais pas d'arrêt trop direct et si tu éclates les ballons qui offrent des points. Les contrôles sont simplistes: z(Zoom), x(Jump) et le pad directionnel.


Broken Cave Robot


Broken Cave Robot est un autre petit gemme. Considéré comme un "Art Game", Broken Cave Robot met en oeuvre un robot qui chute dans une cave et qui perd la mémoire dû au choc. Non seulement il perd sa mémoire, mais il ne reste que 5 minutes à sa batterie pour survivre. Dans cette cave vous y trouverez des upgrades pour vous aider à atteindre des endroits différents et ainsi trouver votre chemin (à la Metroid). Le "Hic", c'est qu'il fait noir, vous n'avez que 5 minutes pour en sortir et vous n'avez pas de carte, vous devrez donc tracer vous-même votre propre carte à l'aide d'une option en jeu. Heureusement, cette carte reste sauvegarder même lorsque vous mourrez, par contre, vous perdrez tout vos upgrades.

Try them.

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  • 1 mois plus tard...

Un petit jeu récent fait par des Québécois avec l'aide du logiciel Game Maker vient de faire son apparition.


"Saut" est un petit jeu bien sympa où tu n'as qu'une seule touche: Espace. Plus vous appuyer longtemps sur la touche, plus de personnage saute haut et loin, vous devez réussir à passer les obstacles avec l'aide de petits sauts précis et de grand sauts, il n'y a aucune autre solution. Le design est aussi très intéressant et captivant. Voici un lien sur GameJolt pour le downloader ou pour le "QuickPlay" sur internet.


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