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Trap (music genre)

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Trap is a genre electronic dance music characterized by crisp snares, sweeping sub-bass, pitched-down vocals and high pitched repeating sounds, among other things. It originates from the Southern hip hop scene and has ample similarities withcrunk music. The original sound of trap music would be characterized by rappers like Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy, Lex Luger and Gucci Mane. The newer sound of trap music incorporated sounds from older music genres like electro and dub. Late 2012 the genre underwent a massive increase in popularity.

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J'ai cherché un peu sur le forum et je n'ai rien trouvé sur le TRAP. Pourtant, c'est un style qui devient de plus en populaire depuis le Harlem Shake. Je viens tout juste de commencer à m'y intéresser donc n'hésiter pas à me conseiller des morceaux si vous êtes plus expérimentés.

RL Grime était de passage au igloofest

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Damn son where did you find this ?

History of trap music :

  • 1995 - Master P Returns to New Orleans[1] This is historically significant as a starting off point because Master P was the first artist from the south (and as far as I know in hip hop) to independently go platinum. The sound we know today hasn't started to quite evolve yet, but the work of Master P, UGK, and Geto Boys are starting to take the already developed west coast g-funk sound and turn it into something more unique and regionally based.
  • 1997 - Hot Boyz is founded and Cash Money Records receive $30 million deal[2] Most likely influenced and motivated by the success of fellow NO artist Master P, Baby and Slim get Cash Money Records off the ground and into a major distribution deal. This is one of the bigger and more notable advances in the genre at any point because two very important pioneers of the scene get their start right here; Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne. The success of 400 Degreez[3] establishes Mannie Fresh as a mainstream hit maker, driving his new sound comprised of 808s similar to what we know today.
  • 2000 - DJ Screw passes away[4] This opens the flood gates of the new sound, also taken from west coast g-funk hip-hop and southern influence, and takes it to a larger audience. Many of the early Swishahouse[5] freestyles are slowed down versions of Cash Money Records songs, so the sound continues to gain notoriety with new crowds and develope/evolve.
  • 2003 - Jay Z retires, prompting Lil Wayne to declare himself 'Best Rapper Alive'
  • 2005 -
    [6] This is the first time (that I recall at least) that the 808 descending pitch snare roll is used in a mainstream song.
  • 2005-2007 The rise of Lil Wayne and Mixtape/Trap Culture. This is the period of time Wayne took to releasing new material every week, which required the help of several different promotional DJs. This is where we get the 'Damn son, where'd ya find this' sample as well as a lot of other small technical applications that are slowly making their way into edm trap. I wrote briefly about that here[7] During this time Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and other similar artists with backgrounds in drug dealing (Jeezy was allegedly a member of the Black Mafia Family, and Gucci Mane beat a murder charge scott-free) began gaining popularity and working the term 'trap' (a drug house) into rap vernacular. This established a musical genre for a culture/population (poor, southern, drug dealers) which somehow crossed over a lot into mainstream hip-hop and eventually kinda took over the rap game.
  • 2008 - Dubstep happens in America. I could talk about this at length but I'd prefer to just say this particular style of music got popular and changed a lot of perspectives on dance music. Also it established the 140bpm set which is a lot easier to mix with 70-80 southern rap than the previously popular dancefloor go to, 128bpm house. Now dance DJs who are also fans of this popular rap movement can marry the two sounds without train wrecking or fader slamming, again, bringing the southern rap sound to a new audience. For example, sometime in 2010(ish) I saw 12th Planet play an incredible set featuring tons of unreleased dubplates (Bass Canon being one of them) then end his set with the Ace Hood - Hustle Hard Remix (which also wasn't released at the time) and it went over phenomenally well with the crowd.
  • 2011 - Post Dubstep/Future Garage arrives[8] This leads to what we now refer to as Future Garage, but the importance to trap is this strips down all the wobbles and heavy distortion that were running the dubstep scene, while preserving the 140 bpms and leaving a somewhat clearer canvas for producers to focus on percussion and sub-bass (two major defining factors of edm-trap). Also in 2011, Hudson Mohawke releases the Satin Panthers EP, driving his normally 'Wonky' style beats towards a
  • 2012 - This is where it gets kinda fuzzy. Harlem Shake and Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) both erupt as wildly popular songs, TNGHT is formed and their debut release sets a lot of bars for standards. Shortly after that, the foundation is laid for tons of producers to try their hand at the new sound, creating archives of songs available to share over the internet, making hour long all trap sets a possibility.

Mon album préféré :

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C'est malin, maintenant je suis en train de fantasmer une version de Barry Lindon avec le Harlem shake à la place de Sarabande. Avec des nobliots twerkant dans tous les sens et des calèches montées sur des lowriders.

Je ne vous remercie pas. AH NON ALORS §

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